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why would I live life

worried, worried all the time

it shouldn’t be a surprise

it’s easy, easy to be terrified 

oh, believe me, I tried everything

but I’m still sitting on needles and pins

I hate the type of people you meet down the hallway.

you ain’t born typical

I’m having trouble with my dos and my don’ts

I wake and it’s all faded away, and in the daytime I’m left to figure it out on my own

remember me to one who lives there, for she once was a true love of mine…


Karen - The National

It’s a common fetish for a doting man
to ballerina on the coffee table cock in hand.


I should’ve given you some thought

like an old spaghetti west-errrn

and now you’re observing the corners

and showing the first signs of aging

swimming swimming swimming

say you’re my lover, say you’re my homie

tilt my chin back, slit my throat

take a bath in my blood, get to know me

and I know you’re good

you know I try, most of the time

we’ve been through that

and we came out on top, because

you’re really easy to love